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Live in a state of Love, Joy and Peace while you maneuver the complexities of dating and relationship challenges


This alchemy is based on significant study and research across a broad spectrum of areas in science and religion and then tested through years of applying to relationship issues and challenging life situations.


Learn the tools for easy navigation when it comes to the complexities of relationships. In every moment you really only have one of two choices. When you choose a higher state of consciousness, at the moment it feels impossible to do so, a new circumstance is created that you wouldn't have believed is possible.


It takes practice to begin understanding how to create a change... lots and lots of practice! You will soon discover there is always help and encouragement along the way. Many of our members have been down this path before you and are with you on the journey.

When you change the way you show up in your relationships you change your life

Our community of great people began many years ago. We have been taking folks, just like you, down the path of maintaining a higher level of consciousness while in the midst of dating and relationship challenges.


We hear a lot about the power of positive thinking, but if you have ever tried to just think positive when it comes to maneuvering the complexities of "others" then you know how challenging this can be.


So, what does it actually take to maintain a state of love, joy and peace when it comes to being in relationship with others?


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