Choosing a Higher Level of Consciousness in Dating and Relationships

Choosing a higher level of consciousness when it comes to dating and relationships isn't always as easy as one might think.

Where do you think you land when it comes to your level of consciousness?


level-of-consciousness-dating-relationshipsYou aren't alone, if you have been on the spiritual path for a while, and desire to place yourself towards the higher planes of consciousness. You know, the higher planes of love, joy, and peace. However, we have discovered with our online community this just isn't the case. Therefore, many are surprised to learn they are frolicking at the lowest levels of consciousness when it comes to dating and relationships.

There are a plethora of ways we subconsciously sabotage our energetic frequency simply by how we view and/or judge ourselves and others.

Perhaps we unknowingly trip ourselves when it comes to how we really feel about the status of...

Being Alone and Single

level-of-consciousness-dating-relationshipsIn addition, the lower frequencies become activated at the moment we decide to do something different like go on a date. Furthermore, say hello to the bottom of human consciousness and all your subconscious emotional baggage, the moment you change your single status to "in a relationship."

"Recent findings using functional magnetic resonance imaging or functional MRI (fMRI) reveal that trying not to feel something doesn’t work and in some cases even backfires. But labeling, on the other hand, makes a big difference."

The perpetual tapes of our past keep us anchored in the lowest level of human consciousness and therefore powerless when it comes to navigating the challenges of dating and relationships.


The Relaxed Relationship Compass 

relaxed relationships compass

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reveals the different levels of consciousness when it comes to others. Which plane we choose to navigate from ultimately reflects our experiences in life. It is important to note, this compass of consciousness is synonymous with the curriculum of life. Containing the wisdom in which we can transcend obstacles BY CHOOSING to live in a state of peace and fulfillment. And yes, even when it comes to the challenges of dating and relationships.

Our Purpose is to Influence Life and Others so Positively that we Raise our Level of Consciousness Through our Interactions with Them

Navigating relationships as your highest-Self



According to Dr. David Hawkins, anything in the lower levels of consciousness is negative. This means below a frequency level of 200 (tested by kinesiology) contains false information and will make a person go weak. Therefore, the use of force becomes the requirement for relationship navigation and is not life-sustaining.

Anything above 200 is positive and real. Furthermore, promotes life and becomes activated when we apply conscious, deliberate effort and the right use of power.

It would appear, that we should avoid all things below the critical level of 200.

However, when translating other spiritual texts and philosophies, it becomes evident our purpose is to influence life and others so positively that we raise our level of consciousness through them.

"Man must Enlist in this Cosmic Struggle because of his Capacity of Free Choice. Thus this Choice of Good over Evil has Cosmic Importance." 

~Zoroaster (the fourth known man to reach the highest level of consciousness of enlightenment at 1000)

Recalibrate Yourself

Now you can raise your vibrational frequency the easy way.

A number of things can take us away from our optimal calibration levels such as our emotions, EMR, diet, lifestyle, and more. However, new technology is here by Solex to recalibrate you and your emotions.