Experience Practitioners

Experience: The process of doing and seeing things and of having things happen to you.

Practitioner: One who acquires knowledge from actual practice; one who has practical experience.

Welcome to our online community!

This website is the result of a Meetup that began several years ago. It all started when I sat in for a friend who was teaching The Law of Attraction. When I mentioned that the principles work for relationships too . . . everyone leaned in.

As a result, I shared how I was able to overcome the challenges of dating and relationships, experiencing something completely different. This was the journey of discovering what it means to walk the walk of spirituality and understand my highest Self.

experience practitionersI also shared how it eventually led me to the beautiful relationship I have with this guy to your left.

The reaction and interest I received from that group led to my decision to share with others what I experienced first-hand about navigating the complexities of dating and relationships.

It's important to note, at times, I too considered myself terminally single. However, questioning everything I believed about love (and men) opened the portal to real love quite rapidly.

Therefore, helping others discover the path of the authentic Self via the challenges of dating and relationships became...

The Birth of Relaxed Relationships

We are celebrating being together for over a decade nowand have to admit the path leading to where we are now is NOTHING like I thought it would be. We are always eager to share experiences to help others create fulfilling relationships. The best part, we have discovered a step-by-step process which is the ladder to understanding and attaining real love.

Furthermore, we aren't therapists, counselors, or coaches. We aren't here to give relationship advice. One does not need an education or degree to understand love; it is the natural path of the heart. As such, love is available to all of us; it's naturally who we are. We are here to share the path of discovery. Shed light on the way we sabotage ourselves in dating and relationships, and always support you along the way. Embarking on the practice of being an “ Experience Practitioner,” means you just decide...

It's time to do the work

As humans, we are always a work in progress. Who we are will always be reflected OR PROJECTED when we interact with others. We NEVER see others as they are we ONLY see them as we are.

The key to power lies not just in learning about a process, but in applying it!

Our online community is about turning information into action. This is a process that will help you implement the attributes of your authentic Self in the moments when it is most needed and most difficult. You will discover the quality of these moments gets better and better which gives you the energy to integrate this understanding into every area of your life.

Furthermore, as a student of world religions, A Course in Miracles, A Course of Love, and other spiritual teachings. I find myself intrigued by scientific studies, and I am a fan of different philosophies about life. Perhaps a bit of an information junkie

Throughout my adult life, I have always pondered the questions:

Who am I? What is it all for? Do I believe in true love?

Therefore, after two decades of the divorced single life, financial ups and downs, and a resolved chronic health issue, I look back through the eyes of someone who has been in a Relaxed Relationship for several years with new insight and very practical tools.

experience practitionersThis is a logical, left-brain approach to the vulnerability and power of the heart. This process allows us to visually see what we are creating in our lives through our beliefs about our relationships and LOVE.

This is a raw look at who we are and what we are creating in the world through the reality of relationships. I have been teaching different variations of this course for the past 2 decades. As an Experience Practioner, I have found the process to change is often not easy or very pretty. It takes a great deal of courage and willingness to become one's highest Self in the midst of relationship issues and life challenges.

Furthermore, embarking on this path will require our full willingness and acceptance when looking at ourselves, our bank account balance, our waistlines, and our past relationship "failures". We won’t be trudging through the past (as it doesn't matter). We will learn to accept everything as it IS. From this foundation, we can begin to embark on the journey of the truth and remembrance of who we are.

Only in seeking the truth can we begin to understand what we are capable of becoming in this world and it starts when we have the willingness to see it in others.

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