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This online community is the result of a Meetup, which began several years ago. Our friends and members joined us in a process to discover what the path of the Authentic Self really looks like through the challenges of dating and relationships.

Knowing about the spiritual path of love versus walking the path, as we have discovered, are two very different things.

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If you don't have the life you want, including the areas of money, health, a career in addition to LOVE, it's time to do something different. Our process will allow you to discover what can be transformed just by tweaking how you show up in your relationships. Furthermore, we'll show you the ladder to integrate the truth of who you are, as a result of the day-to-day challenges of being in a relationship with others.

Those who do not enter unity and relationship cannot be helped, fixed, or shown the inaccuracies of their perceptions
~ A Course of Love

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Our online community provides a plethora of tools and helpful information for the foundation of understanding how to effectively create change in your life just by committing to show up as your highest Self in your relationships. No matter what!

This material combines the wisdom of several spiritual texts, such as "A Course in Miracles" and "A Course of Love". It also includes a dash of different modalities, a sprinkle of the world's religions, and let's toss in a few scientific studies too. The vision and comprehensive understanding for putting this all together can only describe as Divinely Inspired. As a result, this is a left-brain approach to the power and vulnerability of the heart.

On one final note, our curriculum provides an in-depth look at how to create the change you seek in your life through the challenges of casual and committed relationships. How do we know this works? Because, as the Experience Practitioners of this information, we went through it ourselves.

When we align our lives with spiritual laws, challenges will remain, but we can approach them without the struggle, with arms open wide, like peaceful warriors embracing the moment, ready to dance. ~ Dan Millman 

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The Gossip about Relaxed Relationships

"Deeply spiritual concepts presented by genuinely authentic presenters and great supporting participants. Therefore, a lot of food for thought to ponder and evolve oneself. Thank you!"

— Christine on July 28, 2016

“Lisa and Gary are excellent teachers and explained the 10 Pillars well. Furthermore, topics are always enlightening.”

— Kathleen on July 29, 2016

“ Lots of wisdom, inspiration & laughter shared here. Awesome! ”

— Marta W. on Jan 15, 2016.

“ Anytime there's a potential for personal growth; it's going to be good. ”

— Lisa on Mar 18, 2014.

“ Intriguing and challenging - the ideas and conversation move me out of my comfort zone, and THAT is a good thing! ”

— Laura on Dec 22, 2013.

“ Good, if you are seeking and willing to show up in life. ”

— Will on Sep 20, 2013.

“ I'm so impressed with everyone's candor! Thoroughly enjoying this group and learning a lot. I love the lively energy! ”

— Elaine G. on Aug 3, 2013.

“ Always lots to think about with this group! Awesome! ”

— Cherie on Nov 8, 2013.

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